Yoga by Anja (in English)

Experience the perfect beginning to your day with this invigorating Hatha Yoga class. Our session begins at a relaxed pace, allowing you ample time to arrive and connect with your body. As we delve into the practice, we'll seamlessly weave in the art of pranayama (breathwork) and meditation, fostering a harmonious mind-body connection.

In the spirit of traditional Hatha Yoga, we'll explore extended pose holds that not only foster flexibility but also sculpt your body and challenge your willpower. The class is suitable for all levels of experience and even if we may explore some more advanced asanas such as a headstand, I will always adapt to your needs and offer alternatives.

Towards the end of the class there will be some more energizing poses and pranayama to ensure you are ready for the day. And of course we finish with a well deserved Shavasana to let the benefits of your practice sink into your body.

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