Hatha Yoga by Sophie (in English)

Mindfulness through movement with Soasana Yoga.

Join my invigorating Hatha Yoga class, a strong practice centered on holding traditional Asanas (postures) while also incorporating some Vinyasa (flow). The extended holds of asanas provide an opportunity for practitioners to grasp proper alignment - guided by me - extending even to advanced poses like headstands and crow pose. While you immerse yourself in an energising workout, my approach also places a strong emphasis on enhancing your mobility and flexibility.

My teaching aims to resonate with those with a restless mind by harnessing the transformative power of consistent yoga practice. Drawing from my own experience with ADHD, my classes focus on addressing the complexities of a busy mind, leaving you feeling calm, with a more serene mind, while also feeling strong and accomplished after a sweaty practice.

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